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Managing Connectivity with the A1 Digital IoT Platform

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage your A1 Digital SIM card using the A1 Digital IoT platform.



Hardware components

  • A1 Digital NB-IoT nano SIM card

Software apps and online services

  • A1 Digital IoT Platform


Platform Setup

You will need a device setup on the A1 Digital IoT platform. If you haven't done this yet please go to the following tutorial to find out how to do this.

Your demo tenant is automatically set up to work together with the A1 Digital connectivity management platform.


Configure Device

The SIM card`s ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) must be assigned to the device that is registered on the platform. The ICCID can be found printed on the SIM Card. It starts with 8943.

  • Open the "Device management" application, go to Devices/All devices and select your device.

  • In the device data panel select "Edit".

  • Scroll down to the "Mobile" section and search for the ICCID field.

  • If it is not shown up add it using the "Add fragment" button on the bottom of the page and select "c8y_Mobile":

Select property

  • Set the value to the ICCID printed on the SIM Card and press save.

  • The "Connectivity" tab will appear (if not, try reloading the whole page):


  • The SIM Card is activated. Optionally, by using the dropdown, the SIM Card can be suspended or resumed:

Activate SIM card